Ultimate Ned Jig

Five Fish Lures’ Ultimate Ned Jig

Ned Kehde – May 20, 2019


Five Fish Lures - Ultimate Ned Head

The Ned Head  has 8 heads to a package and currently comes in 4 sizes:
1/16 oz., 1/8 oz., 3/16 oz., and 1/4 oz.

Manufactured with the Mustad 60 degree Cross-Eye hook, light wire and weed guard.

The unique  pyramid design has a spiraling fall. This  head
design allows it to pass through brush, rock, and grass.

The Ultimate Ned head can also be used with many soft plastic baits:
small swim baits, craws, grubs, and finesse worms. 
A keeper incorporated in the head holds your plastics securely in position.